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I Believe

Christmas is upon us and

the prices of goods and services,

I’m afraid, are getting higher.

There have been no cheap food for a while.

The fall in contribution of youths towards achieving goals, drastic it is,

Not to mention the government,

which has been asleep for several years.

I don’t know how we got to this place,

where brothers are fighting each other;

this place, where children are dying of poverty,

and no one is doing anything.

Our women are being raped, men are devoid of jobs,

not to talk about poor villagers.

The country will go to ruins,

if we fold our hands and stay still.

Friend, a cold, black wind howls through our country.

Dark skies hover outside our homes. Dead bodies litter the streets;

the mirror on the wall hasn’t said a thing.

Some facts are hard to find,

despite our unavailing efforts.

I can quite understand,

in the circumstances,

your reluctance to say or do anything.

However, I feel I must point out the absurdity of the situation.

Let’s take back the fallen glory of our nation.

Let the rich help the poor.

I can only ask, bearing all these in mind, that you think again, reconsider.

I hope that your wishes for next year, which I believe will be granted,

will go some way towards redressing this unfortunate recent sequence of events.

I believe.

By YakekponoAbasi Adams Ufodiama (Yakkie)

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