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This chicken is purely black

On today’s episode of Wonders of the World on Youth Shades TV, prepare to meet the so-called Lamborghini of Poultry. I am Yakkie and I hope you enjoy today’s video.




This is the Ayam Cemani Chicken of Indonesia, a rare breed of chicken. Everything about it is black: beak, tongue, legs, toe nails, meat, bones, and organs! The only thing that is not black is it’s blood – though it comes in a very dark shade.




The word ‘Ayam’ means ‘chicken’ in Indonesian, and ‘Cemani’ translates as ‘completely black’ in Javanese. According to some sources, one Ayam Cemani chicken costs around $2,500, making it well-deserving of its nickname – the Lamborghini of Poultry.

This rare Indonesian chicken is purely black on the outside as well as the inside, including internal organs and bones.




Would you eat this chicken? If yes, what would you use it for? Soup? Stew? Or both? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section and don’t forget to share the video.




If you’re watching on Facebook, kindly follow our Page and if your watching on YouTube, kindly subscribe to our channel. I am Yakkie your presenter and I hope to see you here next Sunday for another interesting episode of Wonders of the World on Youth Shades TV.


Watch the video below


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