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In Morocco, it’s normal for goats to hang out on top of trees

We’ve heard of mountain goats, but tree goats? In Morocco, it’s actually a common sight to see entire herds of goats perched up on a tree! Why so, you ask? Well, the country is home to a rare and protected species of tree called the Argania, which produces a semi-sweet fruit that goats just love to snack on.

This is Wonders of the World on Youth Shades TV, and I’m your host, Yakkie. Enjoy!




Farmers often keep the herd away while the trees grow, and only release them once the crops have matured. Once the goats poop out the nuts that come with the fruits, they’re gathered and cracked open with stones, then roasted and grinded to get the seeds inside.

The result? Argan Oil.

Yes, that really expensive beauty product you put in your hair once came from goats. The other end of a goat, specifically.




In southwest Morocco, you might actually be forgiven for asking questions like “do goats grow on trees?”. Everywhere you look, you will find dozens of goats hanging out lazily from the tree tops, munching absentmindedly like overgrown crows.




A study on the Ingestive behavior of goats grazing in the Southwestern Argan forest of Morocco found that, on average, these animals graze on argan trees 387 minutes per day. That’s over 6 hours… more than a quarter of their day.
Even after eating, these goats will often linger on the ends of branches, just looking out at the horizon… excellent for photos and tourism.



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