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The Vadoma People of Zimbabwe Who Have Two Toes

On today’s episode of Wonders of the World on Youth Shades TV, meet the Vadoma people, popularly known as Ostrich people because they have two toes. I’m your host, Yakkie. Enjoy!




They only have two big toes on each foot and this causes them to walk and run with great difficulties. However, the Ostrich people are best known for climbing trees and they do so at a speed of lightning.


The tribe is famous for having the rare genetic condition known as Ectrodactyly or lobster claw syndrome. This is the absence of one or more fingers or toes at birth. The inherited dominant genetic mutation affects only the feet of one in four children within the Vadoma population.




It is against the tribal law for members to marry outside the group and as a result, the two-toed condition does not spread to other tribes. Those with the condition are not considered disabled in the community.




Watch the Video below:


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I am Yakkie your presenter and I hope to see you here next Sunday for another interesting episode of Wonders of the World on Youth Shades TV.


Watch the video below


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