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The Praying Husband

For the first time in 2months I found myself kneeling shamelessly on the hallway, I didn’t care who saw me or who walked pass,  I just knelt and prayed with all my heart. I didn’t even know what to say to God, maybe I’ve even forgotten how to pray. As I closed my eyes to pray, all I could see was her bloodshot eyes, the sweat gushing out her face, her screams, the visible veins on her neck, God have mercy, I don’t know what I’ll do if anything happens to her or the baby. I turned the prayer into tears, maybe it’s because I’m too reluctant to the scriptures, or this fear that is killing me inside. I mean I don’t know why her delivery is taking so long, she has been in the labour room for about  an hour. Lord what is happening? Please don’t use my sins to punish her, she’s devoted to you, save my wife and my baby I beg of you. I prayed and cried for about 15mins when I faintly heard my name from behind, the voice became clear when I opened my eyes.
      “Mr Otega„… I turned around and behold it was Dr. Michael. I couldn’t control the Vibration of my hands and feet. I mean this Doc is standing in front of me, looking at me through double lensed glasses, so I couldn’t read his eyes, he had a surgical stitch on his cheek really close to his lips so I couldn’t tell if he was smiling either. He shook his head and looked at me, at that point my blood boiled, the goosebumps on my skin could be mistaken as growths.
          “Mr Otega”, he finally spoke, “I’m really sorry to tell you that your house won’t be quiet anymore cause a baby girl is coming in.
   What?!!!, And he’s even laughing. I wished I could squeeze the laughter off his face but the joy I felt didn’t let me. I dragged him in for a tight hug as I let tears flow freely down my cheeks. I knew I had broken his glasses in the process but who cares, I’ll ask for the price later. All I cared about was my wife and my baby girl.
        “Can I see her, I mean them now? „
                  “Yes, Of course.”
A nurse directed me to the room. My world froze for a second as I watched my baby girl sleep in her cot, her mum slept peacefully beside her. I added 12pounds of care as I lifted her from her cot. She was so soft and beautiful.
       “Hey there, I’m your Daddy.” She grabbed one of my fingers in her little hand like she was saying “yes, I know.” I chuckled at the sight as a tear from my eyes dropped on her fat cheeks.
         “And who thought the mighty Otega could cry? ”… I bent to give my wife a kiss.
         “Thank you dear, she’s the most amazing gift I’ve ever received ”
            “You’re welcome hon. She’s so beautiful,  let me hold her please.”
           I sat and watched them play. Really!? So this is Otega’s family, Otega’s new responsibility?. My wife always told me but I never took it serious, now things are going to change, I’ll be not just the husband  but the father she wants me to be. It’s going to be hard for a first timer though, but I’m going to be the praying husband she deserves.
                               ©: @ojogriakpevwe 

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