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Blue Passion by Grace Johnson

Blue is a color many love, possibly because it’s cool to have

So cool it hardens you turns you to what its really is, blue

As passions the fruits, strong feelings come in many colours and taste

and the differences are mainly in the climates they take.

Burning red hot on your cheeks when that blush is ignited


When that hand brushes your chin and your body is


Bitter yet sweet.

That yellow  passion that’s just warm

enough to work it’s way up your veins and give you drive.

It’s almost like the orange passion, gets you all excited and not expectant of anything

less than the best.

But it’s that blue passion that puzzles, dazzles and it baffles, as

rare as it is frenetic, giving you a calm that’s energetic,

Yet it’s

also the other side of burning passion,

When it feels like ice is

putting out your fire; yet as much as salvaging is your desire, you just


It’s that bitter sweet taste of passion that neither lets go nor

holds on,

Frenetic blue passion waves that either destroy and kill you

or wash you safe ashore.


Excerpt from July 2017 Poetry Contest


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