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The walk by Humphrey Muriuki

I am tired of being a mediocre Christian,

I am tired of making decisions without God,and always seeking HIS help when

my choices fail me,

I am tired of letting ‘me’ be alive in the flesh, and dead to the spirit,

I am tired of recklessly giving myself to the world, and partially to my


I am tired of knowing Jesus and never having an encounter with HIM,

I am tired of knowing MY JESUS with limits

I am tired of living for myself yet HE died for me


You see, my Christian life Is not about my pursuit of being a professional


It’s all about my change and transformation;

Meeting with CHRIST,Loving HIM unconditionally and having a solid

relationship with HIM,

It’s all about my transmission into the nature of CHRIST,

It’s all about the evidence of GODS nature in me,

It’s all about my walk with CHRIST,

It’s all about me impacting my world.



Excerpt from July 2017 Poetry Contest


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